Honey For Kids – Should They Buy it?

Is honey for kids a health food? We’ve all seen the little bottles of Honey Dripped Daffodils or Honey Bunches that sit on store shelves. There are even commercials about vitabumin. But is this the real thing? And if it is, does it really benefit kids?

First, let’s look at the label. The main ingredients are in the bottle: beeswax, fructose, and water. You can’t call this foodstuff food because it doesn’t have any nutrients. There are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of insects that make honey, but they all have to be processed the same way in order to be consumed as food.

If you want to take this product as a health supplement, that’s OK but don’t expect it to do anything for you. It’s not going to prevent you from having an attack, or ward off any disease that you might get. It’s not even good for your diet.

It’s really not something to be taken very seriously. In fact, many parents have started to buy bee products themselves, in the belief that they are providing their children with the exact same health benefits that they would get if they ate a serving of the stuff. These claims are simply not true. In fact, some of the ingredients can even be harmful to babies.

If you buy bee products for your kids, you might want to ask them whether they want to use orange juice or apple sauce to add to their cereal. Even though it’s labeled as bee products, that doesn’t mean you should be fooled by its nutritional content. In fact, many parents have started realizing that they need to take a more holistic approach to child nutrition, including taking a look at organic fruit and vegetable supplements and using raw forms of those foods.

The thing that you need to do is educate yourself about the health benefits of using honey for kids. Then you can talk to your child about it. Kids are naturally inquisitive, and the more they are exposed to things that interest them, the more they will learn. You can start by pointing out the nutritional benefits of the stuff, and then share with them some of the other ways that bee products can improve their health. Once they start exploring those other possibilities, you’ll likely find that they want to keep on experimenting with honey, too.