Carzato Overview

Carzato is a family owned California based automotive company and distributor. Carzato was founded in 1984 with a small group of owners who decided to stay in Los Angeles and develop the company they’d be known for and found out that they certainly were on the best track.

Their first years were spent selling used cars to individuals who wanted a specific kind of car and the company shot to popularity, gradually expanding into buying, selling and servicing vehicles. Before long, Carzato started to branch out into some other vehicles for sale. These vehicles included luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Currently, Carzato has eight different types of commercial vehicles to serve customers. These generally include an automotive service van, a professional construction van, a tow truck rental van, a heavy-duty portable crane, a delivery van, a ladder truck, a dump truck, a wire truck and a forklift.

In 2020, the company received an award from the Los Angeles Business Council in recognition of its success. Carzato has grown through the years and serves more individuals than ever before. This growth wasn’t always possible, but the company expanded so much it might afford to expand.

Carzato’s customer support team is always there to answer any questions or concerns customers may have. Their employees are trained to cope with any situations that arise.

The service department is very well stocked. You can get the vehicle wash and wax, a tire overhaul, a salvage title repair and other services you could need. Their experienced technicians work round the clock, every day, to guarantee that your vehicle receives the very best care possible.

Carzato operates in the Southern California area and offers its services throughout California. The service area covers San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County. Carzato has around thirty locations spread across Southern California and Nevada.

Carzato provides quality services to customers all over California and Nevada. The business is well-known for its quality fleet of reliable and well-maintained vehicles. California based automotive company Carzato has turned into a successful business venture using its hard-working employees and customer satisfaction.